"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Friday, April 29, 2016

Weigh-In ... Tea Lunch

This weeks weight:  195.2
Loss/Gain:  + 0.2 

A 0.2 lb gain is pretty much like a maintain to me, and I'm totally good with that.  Two weeks of strong losses made me think it would slow up one week.  Add to that I had just been out of town for two days enjoying a birthday mini vacation with a friend and I was happy to make it through with no real weight gain.  

So, I'm good.  
My little trip consisted of a tea lunch with some friends for one of my best friend's birthday at Inspirations Tea Room in Edmond, Oklahoma.  I thoroughly enjoyed my berry scone with lemon curd, followed by a delicious Quiche Lorraine, salad and Tomato Bisque soup.
I had planned ahead and been looking up nutritional information for this lunch and I knew what it would "cost".  And to be quite honest, it was worth every single calorie.  I only ate until satisfied, so I left a little behind and was content with that. 

Well, except the chocolate cake.  I ate all of that, because it was fun to eat something sweet with my tea.  But ... In my humble opinion, I make a better chocolate cake than the slice I was served.  However, I was told the coconut cake was delicious and the bite I tasted proved that was true.  

My tea of choice was their Pearl of the Night and it was divine.  With a touch of cream and a packet of Splenda I was in tea heaven.  Seriously.  I think I had four cups over the course of our meal and friendly chit chat.  Then, I went on to buy a bag of it to bring home and I've been enjoying a cup a couple evenings this week.  

The tea lunch was supposed to be my "big" meal of the weekend, but we decided to go for Thai food for dinner.  That was also super delicious and I also only ate until satisfied, which hardly made a dent in my Pad Thai and Evil Jungle Curry Chicken.  lol  (My family that stayed home were happy to have the leftovers when I returned on Sunday.)

So, hooray for success with my food choices in real life situations!  

Have a good weekend and I'll try not to wait too long before reporting my weigh-in coming up on Monday.  [insert giggle and embarrassed grin]

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weigh-In ... Honeymoon Stage?

Well, I'm a late, because it has been crazy around here.   A productive kind of crazy, so I don't mind it.  So, these are stats and pretty much the thoughts I had on Monday when I weighed in after my second week on Weight Watchers...

This Week's Weight:  195.0
Loss/Gain:  -3.2

I know right?!?!  I stuck to the plan and didn't go over my points at all during the week, so I knew I should show a loss of some sort.  However, I didn't expect another 3-pound loss.  I cheered right there at the scale. 

Then I told the receptionist, "The best part is I'm not hungry and I don't feel like I'm on a diet." 

To which she replied, "Praise the Lord!"  
  *giggle*  (You know you live in Texas when ..... a reply to good news elicits a 'Praise the Lord!') 

Anyway, I agreed.  I am so glad to feel strong after two weeks.  

Along with the joy of a good loss, was earning my first 5-pound sticker.  Yay! 

So, things are going well.  I'm sticking to the "get through today" mindset, while also planning ahead.  
I am going on an overnight trip for a friend's birthday this weekend and we are going to tea for her party.  This is going to take some planning on the eating side of things as there will be scones and lemon curd, etc.   Since I'm planning the event I know where we are eating and what is being served and I'm going to see what will be best to have and what will be worth spending points on before I get there.  

Me, have a plan?  This is a whole new approach for me.  I actually sound like someone losing weight.  Ha! Sometimes I think it's a honeymoon stage and one day when my eyes or nose tell me I want that yummy something I'm going to give in and fall right back into my old ways. 

But who knows?  That's why I really am not thinking beyond each day.  As we've all heard... One day at a time.  One choice at a time. 

Bye for now!  I'm off to try a new shrimp taco recipe.  I'll come back and let you know how it turns out.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Why I Think It Will Work This Time

From my journal today... 

When I originally lost 70 pounds a few years ago I did not follow any specific plan, because my success rate with plans was pretty much zero.  I simply began to make small changes to my eating and moving habits and over time the weight did come off. 

For one short time I did sign up for Weight Watchers online, but after my 3-month prepaid subscription expired I did not renew.  The plan didn't help me only because I didn't want to follow it.   
I think that is what is key this time around.  I didn't sign up for Weight Watchers out of desperation to lose weight.  I signed up because I need some structure and I was ready to follow a balanced eating plan that works with my lifestyle.

It makes me nervous to state it so early in the game, but I think the fact that I wanted the structure is why this is working for me now.  

Some people start diets and are like "I got this!  NOW is the time!!  I'm gonna be fit and healthy!!", but me?  I'm more like, "I'm going to try and get through today."  [grin]  

And as each day passes, and I turn down something that is not the best choice for me right now, I feel a quiet confidence growing that I indeed do "got this".  I'm not saddened or feeling restricted by the plan.  I'm ready for the changes and embracing that they lead to better health.

I don't think my money will go to waste this time.  It's a good feeling.  

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Over a Week Without Chocolate

Yes, you read that title correctly.  I have not had any chocolate, or candy period, in over a week.  But not because it's not "allowed" or "I'm being careful."  I just realized the other day I have not been feeling the need to have a dessert after a meal since I started on Weight Watchers. 

I'll tell you simply why I think that is. 

The plan encourages protein, fruits and veggies and a lower fat and starchy carbs intake. 

So, I'm eating just that.  Funny thing is I eat a Pure Protein bar for breakfast every morning and I think having the sugars in that and the sugars in my 2 Tbsp. of poppyseed dressing I'm currently enjoying on my salads is just enough that I don't crave more. 

Actually, that's backwards... I think the added protein and less starchy/sugary carbs is lessening my cravings for sweets.  

I'm also wondering if switching from diet sodas to Le Croix has had anything to do with my need for candies?   I just thought of that. hhmmm....  

Anyway, can I just say, whether this is a honeymoon phase or not, I'm very happy with the lack of heavy desire for sweets just now because those are always my downfall.  What makes me even happier is knowing if I want some chocolate I can definitely have it;  I just have to track it and make room for it in my food budget.  

It's nothing new to me, but I'm in a place where things are looking up on the health side of things and I'm so grateful.  *contented sigh*

P.S.  I volunteered for the concession stand at my son's baseball game and two of the ladies had M&Ms, hinting it was because we were losing so bad... lol  I did not have anything from there, but I also did not want anything from there.  YAY!  Instead, I finally had a Diet A&W Rootbeer over the yummy Sonic-style crushed ice and it felt like a treat.  :) 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Weigh-In ... Scary First Monday Weigh-In

*****I'm posting this on Tuesday, to give you time to catch up on my post about my choice to start Weight Watchers. ***** 

I think it's cute the booklet
where weight is tracked is titled,
 "____'s  Success Story".
My official beginning weight with Weight Watchers
last Monday, April 4th:  201.8

Today's Weight:  198.6
Loss/Gain:  -3.6 lbs.

Well, look at that.... I stuck to the plan 100% for 6 straight days and it works! (After Monday I realized I had to tweak a few things, so I didn't start tracking until Tuesday.)

I'll tell you what, my nerves only came down a notch as I began to dress for the meeting this morning.  

First off, I was really nervous about having my weigh-in day be on a Monday.  Seriously?!  I've always been a Friday weigh-in girl, so I could do whatever on the weekends and then have four days to make up for it before I had to weigh again. 

Truth.  And I know I'm not the only one. 

However, when I joined last week not only did this meeting day and time fit well into my schedule it kind of made me glad to think that I would have to be careful on the weekends since I'd be weighing in directly after a weekend. 

--> Okay, let me just say the fact that I actually thought that and was okay with having to be careful on the weekend is amazing to me.  It's one of those things that leads me to think I am finally [truly] ready to start this losing weight thing again.  That and the fact that I'm so nervous about failing that I can't bring myself to talk about it with many people.  

Back to meeting day...

I won't bore you with details, but I had weighed myself at home yesterday and not seen what I had hoped for.  I finally left the house thinking: 

Please, dear God let that scale show something, anything, so I don't feel like a complete failure.  I know I stuck to the plan (which is a HUGE first for me), so I should be down something.  But if I don't see a loss I will continue to go on with it, because I know the scale can be finicky and I already feel better with my healthier portions and food choices. 

Stepping on the scale and watching it go under 200 made me smile.  A loss made good sense with the changes I've made this past week, so I was glad to see their scale wasn't being as finicky as mine had been earlier.  :)

So, now I'm on to week #2 on Weight Watchers.  I'm still in the take-it-one-day-at-a-time mode, but I see a slight glimmer of hope that this is really going to happen.  I may actually get back to that healthier "new" Leah.

My WW buddy says she is shooting for becoming a lifetime member, but I'm just shooting to get through each day.  It worked to think like that last week, so I'm counting on it working again this week.  :) 

P.S.  Last week I told my meeting group I have a blog and today one member announced she came and read most of it.  So, I introduced myself to her in person.  That was fun! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Yes, I think I'll Go Tomorrow And Join

I posted a quick little why-I-haven't-blogged post earlier today and now to share my news.

**Grab a drink...this could be a while**

Short Story: 
After much consideration I decided I need a plan to follow to help me eat better and lose this weight I've gained back.  I settled on Weight Watchers and was an absolute wreck signing up and attending my first class.  So scared I'd fail I only told two friends, outside of the friend at church who is also following the plan.  

And it's taken me a week to come on here and share about it, because I wanted to see if I could make it through one week and actually see a loss.  And I did!! (but you'll have to read to the end to find out that detail.  *wink*)

Long Story:
It's taken me a week to come and share with everyone about my change in eating and, well, quite honestly because I was afraid of what folks would say. Or think.  I felt the same way I felt back when I started this last trek down weight loss mountain, "I'm just going to make some changes and not tell anyone, because they've all seen me try diets before and will probably wonder if I'll really make it this time."  

I didn't even tell my husband for two days. 

I'm being completely honest with you; it was almost paralyzing how nervous I was.  

At the same time it was a relief to finally start something better for myself.  For weeks now I've had a feeling getting on a food plan would help me get my eating back to a healthier place.  I've been tracking my food pretty steadily since about January and I haven't gained any more weight, but I just wasn't sticking to a calorie budget that was allowing me to lose. 

More honestly, I also wasn't sticking to healthier food choices very often and my gut instinct told me I needed to clean up my food choices.

I hemmed and hawed over plans in my head, knowing full well I have to find one that is going to fit my lifestyle.   I fully believe in doing something that will last a lifetime.  I love to cook and eat a variety of types of food.  Even though I had success with it in the past I didn't feel like I needed to do the 21-Day Fix again.  

I overheard a friend at church make comments that lead me to believe she was doing Weight Watchers. 

Ah ha!  I remember they always had a balanced plan, but it did include lots of fruits and vegetables.  (Yes, 5 servings a day is a lot for someone who prefers sweets and breads to fruits and vegetables. lol)  But I felt the urge to look into it.  

So, I read over their plan (as much as they offer on the website anyway) and it felt like the right thing for me to do.  I was hesitant about having to cut out a lot of fat, but I read they are also taking sugar counts into consideration and I know sugars/carbs are an issue for me. 

So, I asked my friend if I had understood her correctly and was she following Weight Watchers.  She is a lively, vibrant lady and answered me with a resounding, "YES!"  :) 

When I admitted I was thinking about following the plan, she was so excited.  It really caught me off guard.  I hadn't expected that.  By the end of the evening she came over to me and said, "So, are you in or are you out?  You gonna join??"

"Yes. Yes, I'm in.  I think I'll go tomorrow and join.", I told her. 

She was super excited and told me she was so happy to have a weight loss buddy at church now.  And as I smiled to myself I felt my stomach go in knots at the thought of signing up for a weight loss plan when I've already done this before...

I was so nervous I couldn't even fall asleep that night.

Um, I never have trouble falling asleep, so the fact that I was tossing and turning til midnight should tell you just how nervous I was.  

Monday morning didn't bring any relief.  I was so nervous all morning.  

Nervous about telling anyone I was going to do this. 
Nervous about walking into a meeting and having to admit in person I need help, when I already know what needs to happen.
Nervous I wouldn't succeed. 

But I knew something had to change and I was ready to make some changes.  So, I got dressed and got to the meeting early to sign up for 3 months in advance.

During the sign up process the kind secretary asked me if I was ready to step on the scale and I uttered, "Well, I guess that is the point, huh?"  heh. heh.  She smiled and we both chuckled a little. 

As I was finishing up my paperwork I heard a familiar voice behind me.  MY FRIEND CAME TO SUPPORT ME!  

I had already texted her about how nervous I was and she came on her non-weigh-in day just to support me.  I was so touched and it helped my nerves.  

A little. 

Anyway, the meeting went well and I went away feeling confident that I had made a good choice in which plan I'm choosing to follow. 

Later I'll share a few differences I see in this new SmartPoints plan and how they are perfect for my health needs.  

And since you were kind enough to get through all this reading here's the good news:  

I lost 3.6 pounds this first week!

I'll write an official weigh-in post about that later as well.  

So, here we go!  I topped out at 201.8 pounds, but I'm already back in wonderland and I'm going to continue taking it one day at at time to get back to that healthier new Leah that had emerged after losing weight a few years ago. 

One day at a time, because don't forget...I'm never giving up.  

PMS from Hell

I have some important new to announce, but before I go any further I need to share....

Seriously.  lol Can anyone relate?!
The week after Easter brought on some of the worst PMS I've had in a while.  For two days I was in a depressed fog just trying to survive.  TOM had come a little early and I was a bit of a mess.  The rest of the days were better, but those two days threw me off my feed. 

So, I didn't blog and I just got through each day , because I knew the sun would shine again, the hormones would get back into a normal state of being and all would be well. 

And it was. And still is.  :)

I even managed not to gain any weight through that week and I was pleased with that.  However, I then decided to make a rather huge change in what I'm doing for my health and that threw me into another state of nerves that I haven't experienced in a while.  

Needless to say, I ended up not blogging last week because it slipped my time schedule....not my mind -- I thought of plenty to say at random moments throughout the week -- but my days were full and I just didn't make time for blogging. 

So, I am alive (again) and doing well .... and after I finish up an Etsy order and get my son from baseball I'm going to come back and tell you all about it.  

Good news ahead, I promise.  :)