"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weigh-In ... Feeling Much Better

[Friday's] Weight: 176.0
Loss/Gain:  - 3.0 lbs.

Can I just say that I have been feeling so much better lately?  Not only physically, but I think mentally and emotionally I've felt better eating more balance and smaller portions.  I've notice, for me anyway, when I am eating too much and feeling out of control I don't feel well physically and emotionally.  So, it feels good to be doing well again and seeing some results on the scale. 

Honestly, I even had some "cheats" to the 21-Day Fix plan, so I was a bit surprised to see the scale down so much.  However, those cheats were still in moderation, just more bread and less veggies, so I know my portions were fine.  That's probably why I didn't gain.  

Anyway, I've felt more like my new normal this past week than I have in a long time.  

My week ahead is going to be pretty busy.  We are getting ready to pack up our house for a major move in a couple weeks.  The kids are out of school now, so that will lesson some stress.  I enjoy my days with them doing what they do at school and me being at home, but I also like summertime with no schedules to have to adhere to.  

So, I'm back and doing well.  Thanks for checking in and I hope you're all enjoying a nice weekend!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Weigh-In ... Feeling Good

Today's Weight:  179.0
Loss/Gain:  - 3.5 lbs. 

Well, things are going well and I've managed to lose almost all of that big gain last week.  This makes me wonder if the gain was truly that high or not. 

No matter what the scale says I feel so much better this week than I have in a long time.  Yay! 

Here's a glimpse of my healthier week...

When I saw this I had to repost it on my Instagram.

I'm doing weight interval workouts now...so weak in the upper body, but I have to start somewhere and I'm okay with that.  :) 

While doing core work I was reminded... cool, new workout capris make exercise easier.  :)

New favorite afternoon snack, or light lunch.

It's been a good week!  

Now, I confess I did join my kids in enjoying a donut for National Donut Day today.  I savored every bite and am doing good so far with not going and eating every sweet thing in the house.  Tonight is dinner out with my hubby and will be my "cheat meal" for the week.  I'm looking forward to it.  

Thanks for checking in.  Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Eating is Going Well

Five days into the 21-day fix and I'm actually doing it!  I, "never-sticks-to-a-strict-diet-plan", Leah am sticking to the plan.  :)  Today the thought came to me, "I'd actually show people what I'm eating lately, because it look so healthy."  

I'm not into food shaming, but I've always stayed away from showing what I eat because I've known it's not the healthiest choices.  I figured the scale shows what's really going on, even if I try and hide it, so why put myself out there to be criticized for what I'm putting in my mouth.  

I'm also a firm believer in "all things in moderation" for life.  I mean, I did manage to lose weight eating things I liked, but in smaller portions.  The problem in the past year is some of those things began to get eaten out of control and weight came back on.  

Right now I'm being a little stricter and eating pretty healthy and it actually feels good. (Go ahead and chuckle...I know "Imagine that!" lol )

I peeked at the scale and it seems to be working. No dramatic loss, just down and not up.  This is good.  

Today my son saw me measuring my almonds for a snack and asks, "How many do you get?" as I was sneaking two extra out of the canister before putting it back in the pantry.  I told him I was having two extra, but I am allowed 12 for a serving.  

I turn around to see him chewing.  "Did you eat two of my almonds?!?" I asked. 

He grins and said he did, "...I'm just helping you stick with it, Mom!", he says in his defense.  

A slugged him in his arm and thanked him for his help.  

So, it's going well.  I'm still learning how to spread my food over the day so I'm not starving.  So far I've been eating three meals and an afternoon snack, sometimes I have a second snack of fruit in the evening for "dessert".  

I am glad I decided to do this and I look forward to continuing on with my healthier choices and more trying-to-lose-weight portions.  It's weird to not feel stuffed after a meal, but it's really nice not to feel stuffed at the end of the day too.  Yay!