"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Monday, June 2, 2014

May Goals Check In

I meant to get here Saturday to post this, but it didn't happen.  My house got clean though and I took care of some much-needed shopping, so that is good.  :)  

May went well, though not entirely how I wanted it to on the scale.  Here's the update: 

  • Track my food at least 5 days a week.  Done!
  • Exercise at least 4 days a week.  Running at least 3 days a week, as per my training plan, and then cross training 1-2 days a week.   I know I did the 4 days a week prior to the race on May 17th and then I think I may have slowed to 3.  I've been pretty active, so I'm going to keep this green.  :) 
  • Complete my 10K race on May 17th.  I'm throwing that in as a freebie. I know it will get done. :)  Done!  I finished in good time and had a great race.  My daughter also ran it -- her first race ever -- and did awesome!  
  • Lose 5 pounds.  I hesitated to set a number goal of pounds to lose, but I think I need the motivation to try and get some of this weight off.  My last weigh-in was 171.0.  Weight:  170.0  The highest I've reached in this gaining time is 172, so at least I am down two pounds from that.  For that reason only will I not put this in red...I'll keep it in yellow as I have consistently seen 170 (and sometimes a bit lower) when I check the scale.  
I confess to being frustrated that I didn't lose those five pounds.  

However [deep cleansing pause] I have to remind myself that I actually have come a long way this month with regards to my eating.  

While I continue in my probably-not-so-good habit of doing well some of the week and then having too many "over calorie budget" days I have been having more good days than bad.  This is a huge success compared to the past months. 

One thing I'll never know for certain is whether I began overeating a lot because of the lack of exercise due to healing from surgery or from the upset of my mother's death.  I just know that for the first time since beginning this journey I began eating without caring what it was doing to my health.  

It was a scary place to be, because I just didn't care.  Of course, now I'm frustrated with myself because I'm going to see some friends this summer that I haven't seen in years and I'll more than likely be ten pounds heavier than I was last summer, but I have to remind myself that at least I have not gained more than ten pounds and I am well on my way to being active and losing that weight. 

It's not easy to see a gain and feel all flabby, but I'm just grateful I've begun getting my mind back on track and this ten-pound gain hasn't turned into 15 and then 20.  It could be so much worse. 

I'm not sure if I'll do goals for June, but I'll definitely keep blogging either way.  This is a lifetime journey and I refuse to quit.  :)  

Thanks for checking in!  

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  1. I think you did pretty darn good on your goals! And your friends? They won't care if you are 10 pounds heavier than last summer ;)