"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Monday, March 16, 2015

Officially Signed up to Run

Friday I paid for my entry to the half marathon run of the Run for the Warriors Race coming up in May.  So, it's official and I'm committed to it now.  :)  

This is the race that three years ago my husband challenged me to try the 10K instead of the 5K.  I thought it quite nice that I chose to challenge myself once again to complete the half marathon of this same race the last year we will be living in this city.  (We are moving this summer.)

It's a lovely run that winds through a neighborhood about 5 minutes from me.  Now to continue my training and pray for nice, cooler weather that morning.  :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Can I Really Multitask?

**Note:  This is a somewhat random post, but it's a peak into where I'm at lately.**

I like to pride myself on my ability to multitask.  However, I don't remember how this came about, but my husband pointed out, "You think you can multitask, but really you slow up what  you're doing because of talking on the phone." 

Oh, that's what it was.  Somehow, we were talking about how I love to chat on the phone while I fold laundry.  I don't have to think too much about folding the laundry, so it's easy to do and get a good conversation in.  

At least I felt that way until the next time I was folding laundry and talking on the phone and caught myself stopping during the conversation to use my hands to, oh...get a point across maybe?  To a person who can't even see me... lol

Then it hit me, "OH! I do fold laundry slower when I'm on the phone..."  oops.  *giggle*

I share this little story, because I have been going through something recently, a new something, something that has taken an emotional toll on me and has kept me from getting things done, like focus on eating better.  

It sounds like an excuse, and maybe it is, but it's true.  I'm noticing when I'm going through things I tend to not care about how or what I eat. 

n fact, on a few long runs I listened to music for the duration, which I never do, because I really didn't feel like hearing someone talk about how they lost weight and are succeeding when I'm dealing with [something more important that picking salad over hamburger].  

In fact, as I've been dealing with this issue I've been having to make myself just keep living like normal, knowing that things are really out of my control.  I can only work on myself and truly give the rest to God. 

This also means my health.  It's why I keep running, because trust me I don't usually feel like exercising when I'm upset or trying to "fix" something.  But this time I have to.  

And while I like to think I can work on multiple things at a time, I think maybe in reality I can not truly do that, or do it well.  I can do a couple things, but things that are of importance might be slower getting done if I pile too many of those important things on my plate.  

This is not to say I will not work on my healthier eating, it's just to say that part of the reason I haven't cared is because in the grand scheme of things it just hasn't been a priority.  

But I know it has to be, and that's why I'm back on here sharing where I've been and why I am going to get better about where I need to go.  Because even if I can get these extra pounds off slower, just like I do get my laundry done eventually when I'm chatting with a friend, it has to be done.  

Plugging Along...

...like the awesome mother runner that I am. 

Yes, the running is going well.  The eating not so much.  Recently I saw a picture that reminded me I really need to get my eating back on track to lose this weight I put on last year.  It was motivating, even if it wasn't the most encouraging photo.

As I peruse blogs in recent days I know I'm not alone in this need to tone back the snacking and better the food choices again.  While I don't wish weight gain on anyone, it is kind of nice to know I'm not alone.    

Now I just need to get it done.  I have cute clothes that are uncomfortably snug and I refuse to buy bigger sizes, so I need to get er done and enjoy my cute t-shirts and capris when the weather is warm enough to wear them. 

Same song, different day... so....

Meanwhile, I continue training for my half marathon and I am doing fine.  

We've had some cold, icy days, but we've also had some cold beautiful sunny days.  Lucky me, as a military spouse, I have access to a few different gyms on base, so on inclement weather days I can go to the gym to run.  

Most days I do that and some days I just skip it.  Since I'm on a training plan, with a race date ahead of me, I tend to do more going to the gym and less skipping runs.  I'm grateful to have teenagers, so I can do this whether or not there is school.  

My husband told me a while ago to sign up for a race, 'Because you seem to be more motivated to run when you have a race on the calendar."  It's so true.  

So, the eating still needs work, but I'm currently enjoying my running and doing well with that.   I'm plugging along, keeping the scale from going up any more, and knowing that I need to keep my health a focus no matter what else is going on.  

Have a good day!