"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Friday, June 10, 2011

Weigh-In ... Last One For A While

Today's Weight: 182 . 5
Loss/Gain: - 0 . 5 lb
Total Loss So Far: - 48 . 5 lbs

Well, today will be my last weigh in for a while. The movers are coming on Monday to pack us up for our move (gotta love the military!) and the scale is going with everything. We are taking a trip before arriving in our new hometown and are scheduled to get our stuff July 7th, so it could be a month before I see a scale again.

I have to be honest with you and say that I haven't even been trying to lose right now. The funny thing is that while I'm eating things that I know aren't conducive to weight loss I still find myself being careful about quantities. My body just isn't handling large amounts of food like it used to, and in the back of my mind I hear things like, "Do you really need that? Do you really want that? I think I've had enough."

So, while I'm not eating the best foods 24/7 I can see definite signs that I've changed in regards to my eating habits. It's very encouraging since I'm holding in my weight right now.

On the exercise front it's been pretty non existent this week. Not that I haven't been active. I've been on my feet many hours a day getting things ready for our move, but I just haven't made it to the gym. However, yesterday morning I got up for a walk because I just needed to get some movement in. See? Changing habits... :)

Anyway, that's all for now. I was given a blog award the other day, so I'll try and get that up soon. We will have access to a computer throughout the next few weeks, so I'll pop in here and there.

In the meantime, it's off to get some breakfast and start the laundry and get to cleaning out the pantry and fridge. Whee! :)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Good luck with the move! Hope it goes smoothly for you.

  2. I love reading your posts, I always find a light in them that spurs me along.

    I love how you are making changes without even realising it. That although you aren't eating the best you are watching your portions and wanting to go walking.

    I love your dress, you look gorgeous and your brother is right, you do look skinny :) I can't wait to not having to shop at the 'big' stores anymore, I have 1 size to go until I get out of them and into a lot more options.

    Don't worry about your scale, you seem to have everything under control - you lost this week so that shows you are doing really well.

    Good luck with your move, I hope it all goes well.

  3. Hope you get settled in soon! I miss your blog posts!!