"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Monday, October 17, 2011

I Caught Myself

Today I had a physical exam. As the nurse was doing the pre-exam routine she asked me to step on the scale. I removed my shoes, stepped up there and automatically began to say....

"You can move the big one to the 200."

I no sooner thought this, and began to say it, when I caught myself. I don't weigh 200 anything and I haven't in over a year.

Isn't that interesting? My instinct was to think I was large, but then I realized I'm not that big anymore.

It was a very small, yet great big wonderful feeling. Somehow I felt thin, or thinner at least. Because I wasn't even close to 200.

Even better was seeing that my weight at the doctor's office in the middle of the afternoon was a clean 186 . 0 lbs. I seriously expected it to be a lot more than my home scale and it wasn't at all. whew!

Anyway, I thought that was an interesting reaction to the scale after all this time. G'nite!


  1. Wow, that's really interesting! I guess it takes a while for our brains to register the change. I think it works the same way, too, going up. Our brains find it hard to believe that we are that big! (And least that's how it was for me.)

    It must have been a nice feeling to realize that you were no longer in that 200 zone. Thanks for sharing such a cool moment. It's those little moments that make life interesting. Take care!

  2. That is great! Sometimes it takes our brains a while to catch up with the "new" us. I flinch when my husband goes to pick me up as my first reaction is- I am too heavy for him to pick me up. Even though the weight loss seems to take forever to happen- I think it takes even longer for us to change how we think and feel about our "smaller" selves.

  3. Very interesting, we are so hard on ourselves.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement on my blog.

  4. What a great NSV moment! I almost did that when I was at my doctors office a few months ago, before they use to always try to keep it on the 100 lb and I would always have to tell them to move it to 200 lb.
    Great day!

  5. It still takes me a minute to think about how much I weigh - even after all these years!! Great victory and you just keep piling them up Leah!

  6. What a great moment, Leah! Isn't it going to be AWESOME when your weight starts to diminish in your mind, too?

    (I'm also still working at this.)