"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weigh-In ... Feeling Much Better

[Friday's] Weight: 176.0
Loss/Gain:  - 3.0 lbs.

Can I just say that I have been feeling so much better lately?  Not only physically, but I think mentally and emotionally I've felt better eating more balance and smaller portions.  I've notice, for me anyway, when I am eating too much and feeling out of control I don't feel well physically and emotionally.  So, it feels good to be doing well again and seeing some results on the scale. 

Honestly, I even had some "cheats" to the 21-Day Fix plan, so I was a bit surprised to see the scale down so much.  However, those cheats were still in moderation, just more bread and less veggies, so I know my portions were fine.  That's probably why I didn't gain.  

Anyway, I've felt more like my new normal this past week than I have in a long time.  

My week ahead is going to be pretty busy.  We are getting ready to pack up our house for a major move in a couple weeks.  The kids are out of school now, so that will lesson some stress.  I enjoy my days with them doing what they do at school and me being at home, but I also like summertime with no schedules to have to adhere to.  

So, I'm back and doing well.  Thanks for checking in and I hope you're all enjoying a nice weekend!


  1. Great loss! Sounds like it is really going well for you. It is good I think that you are doing this right before moving. Moving is one of those things that is so stressful, it makes it hard. I think developing some good habits before doing it is a good thing.

  2. Congrats! That's a GREAT loss, but even better, I'm glad you are in such a good space right now. :)

  3. Has it been 21 days already? Glad you are in a good spot.

    1. No, only 14 days in so far. I just had a weird gain show up the week of my official first weigh-in for the challenge, so I was comparing my weight loss to the week prior to that.

  4. Leah, I'm so glad when I come back to blogging that you are still here going at it!! So strong. I'm a terrible blogger friend but I'm happy for your running success. Stay strong!! I'm going to try to keep blogging. I've had the first good month in about 3 years so it's a start!