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Thursday, September 29, 2016

This Kid Has Inspired Me

Enjoying National Coffee Day today!
This is my son.  He has just turned 16 and I'll never forget just over a month ago when we were ordering Sonic slushes for the family and he declined.


"How am I supposed to enjoy my treat if he doesn't eat one?", I thought to myself.  I think I even commented to him, half joking and deep down knowing he was doing better with his healthier eating than I was. 

And I was convicted. 

I didn't start losing weight to "be a better mom" like many others do, but I have noticed that my change in eating habits and weight loss have been noticed by my kids.  

When my son began to be a bit vexed about getting a little heavy I encouraged him to eat only when hungry and stop when he's satisfied.  I also encouraged him to stay active.  

He had a bad ski accident 2 1/2 years ago that messed up his knee and hasn't been able to play organized sports since then, but as the manager of the high school football team he has full access to the gym daily.

On his own he began cutting out extra desserts, eating smaller portions and making sure to exercise to the best of his ability.  He is now able to run a mile and works on that and his weights 5 days a week. 

And I'm so proud of him.  I told him he's one of the biggest reasons I was inspired to get with the program in recent weeks.  

Now instead of feeling bad for having a treat when he won't we enjoy talking about the treats we do enjoy once in a while and about how much better we feel when we skip the unnecessary extras.  

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  1. We can learn a lot from our kids :) He sounds like a strong, smart young man :)