"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All In Good Time

Well, I've been home for a few days, I've enjoyed some lazing around (planting flowers last Friday evening - see picture to the left), then some cleaning up and today getting laundry done. I have a post brewing in my mind about my past weeks' experience with "letting go" health wise. It wasn't a pleasant experience for the most part (except for temporary enjoyments that came with the first bites of yummy foods), but it was a learning one to be sure.

In the meantime, things are getting back to normal. I did the 30-day Shred yesterday. Then my kids and I went to the public pool where I spent about an hour treading water on and off while they splashed about. I felt great.

Then I woke up today sore as all get out in my upper body. Whew! Taking time off from regular exercise sure left me out of shape and I felt every odd muscle that I used in my workout yesterday aching this morning. I have to say, though, that it still felt great. Today I'll be doing a walk just to give those muscles time to recoup a bit more.

The eating is also getting much better and already I can feel the difference it's making. I think I mainly feel better knowing I'm getting control back in my eating and exercising life. I know the scale will start to go down soon, and I'll once again start to see more progress towards my weight loss goal.

I hope you're having some nice summer days and thanks for checking in on me!

p.s. I got the "thanks for checking in " from Staci at Weight Loss Mama...she's so sweet and that's how she ends her posts. I just had to adopt it, because it's how I feel every time someone comments and I know you're rooting for me and my journey! :)


  1. I'm gonna try doing the Shred some too now I know where I saw it in the blogging community. Hang in there the soreness will pass soon! Yep, I think you will see the scales go back down as well now that your getting back in your groove...Take Care!

  2. Glad you are on track and feeling the burn, so to speak LOL!

  3. Way to go on the workout! I really want to work on swimming this summer :)