"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Better Resistance Trainging Than...


I am doing laundry today and have a busy evening coming up, so I was trying to figure out what kind of workout to do when I decided to go for a walk outside. I had an errand that needed to be done less than a mile from my house, so I figured I'd walk there and kill two birds with one stone.

While getting ready I happened to glance outside and saw the trees blowing around. I've heard howling on and off all morning and thought to myself, "Great! Resistance!!"

Yes, I was excited because I was only walking in it - not running. LOL

It was definitely windy and not so bad going there. Coming back was where the resistance training kicked in. oh boy! I had to tip my ball cap down in front to keep it from blowing off my head. I pushed myself to keep my brisk pace the entire way home, arms pumping and all, and it felt good.

Yep, this is another way stay-at-home mommy's fit in exercise...we go for brisk walks in 29 mph winds.

I love it!! Oh, and I also love my black-eyed susans that are beginning to bloom.


  1. You Go girl!!! BTW - love your hat!!! Glad I didn't have to be in the wind but as you say what a great way to kill two birds with one stone - literally!!!!

  2. I like the positive attitude where others (like me, I'm sure) would find it something to complain about. (I personally DO like the wind as long as it's not too cold).

  3. oh my black eyed susans are just getting buds on them..can't wait til they bloom!
    Ahh yes, wind. I biked a 5k the other day. Wasn't too hard for the first 1/2, but the wind on the way back definatly worked out my legs! They were jello when I got home. Felt great though.
    Glad to hear you went walking to do your errands! That's what I do now too. And it saves gas! Also if I walk to the grocery store to pick up something..I don't end up with 15 items more than planned lol.

  4. Great attitude Leah, so positive, I love it.

    You are doing an amazing job with your weight loss and you are looking fantastic.

    Love the flowers :)

  5. So was it easier walking to your errand or walking home? I miss being there with you cause you had me so motovated!