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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sleepytime Survey

Before heading to bed last night I read this post by Jane over at Running To Shed the Fat Suit. I thought it was a fun post and so I'm doing it today...while I *yawn* and get myself off to bed here soon. ...

Bed Time Survey
  • How many hours of sleep do you get each night? Usually about 7 hours.
  • What time do you usually go to bed? Anywhere between 10:00 p.m and 11:00 pm
  • What time do you get up during the workweek? 6:15 am, though my alarm starts sounding at 5:50..I love snooze and set it early on purpose..makes me feel like I'm getting a few more minutes...why do we do that?!? LOL
  • What do you wear to bed? Sleep Shirt. I have never been comfortable sleeping with pants/shorts on...unless I'm freezing cold, then I'll wear flannel pants too.
  • What is the last thing you do before bed? Use the bathroom. Always. I have to right before I get into bed..it's a habit that drives my husband nuts. :) But I don't wake in the middle of the night to use the restroom, and I think that's why. :)
  • Does coffee wake you up? Yes, and some mornings the thought of it is what gets me out of bed, well that and knowing I have to get the kids off to school. :) Lately I'm noticing it keeps me up if I have it too late in the evening. That never used to happen before...is it my age?!? hhmm....
  • Does vodka put you to sleep? I've never had even a sip of alcohol, so I've no idea.
  • How do you sleep: On your side, stomach or back? Side and stomach.
  • Do you dream about real-life things or complete fantasies? Usually a modge podge of things I've seen that day or read about, but in a very mixed up way....silly like.
  • Ever had a reoccurring dream? The only thing I've dreamt repeatedly, though it's not often, is my mouth is closed, I push my tongue against my teeth and they give...just push straight out. It grosses me out/freaks me out every time and I'm always grateful to wake up to strong teeth that are in place. No idea where that came from, because I didn't have one cavity until I had my first kids.
  • Which is worse: Being too hot or too cold in bed? Too hot.
  • What size is your bed? Queen.
So, this is pretty useless, but I thought it was fun and kind of different. So, want to share your bedtime routine? Just comment if you post about it and I'll come read. :)


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