"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Monday, October 22, 2012

Motivational Monday - That's All?

I don't normally dislike Mondays, and I'm not disliking it today either...However, I was so tired this morning that I actually went back to sleep after taking the kids to school.  I curled up on the couch with a blanket, turned on an Adventures in Odyssey kid story and dozed.  Since I woke up an hour and a half later I know I needed the extra rest.  This weekend must've really wore me out.  

I'm sharing all that to say that I slept through my workout time and now I'm not sure if I'll get it in today as I have a busy day ahead.  

Of course, all I can think is "the challenge" ...darn it.  

Oh well.  It's only Monday, and I needed rest, so we'll see what happens the rest of the week.  When I posted Friday with the challenge and my exercise plans I didn't count on something that came up for today through Wednesday, so this week I may not make it all four days.  

I feel better just getting that out.  Thank you. 

Now on to some motivation...since my sister-in-law has been staying with us there has been a phrase that shows me I have changed and am still changing with regards to my food.  

When I serve myself a smaller portion at a meal (like the half tuna melt I had Saturday while everyone else ate whole sandwiches), or I choose to put my meal over a salad instead of with rice she'll say something like, "Is that all you're eating?"  or "You're having a salad??"

Some might see this as negative talk, but I don't.  My sister-in-law wants to lose some weight she's put on in recent years, so when I make a lighter choice she's like "Aw man!! I should be doing that."  I usually shrug and just keep going, or smile and let her know I ate half the sandwich because I was having two deviled eggs with the meal, etc. 

But I'm always a bit tickled that she would notice and it reminds me that I am changing.  

There are still times when we eat ice cream, etc. and I know that needs to be less than it has been lately; but there's more times when I'm eating less food, or healthier food and it's just who I am now.  



  1. Praise the Lord for His help in changing. I find it very hard the older I get! Oy Veh! I'm so proud of all the changes my little girl has had (okay, my oldest child? my big girl?). You're doing very well! love you mucho!
    Cheerful Notes

  2. I love the fact that you are positively influencing your family and your friends!