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Friday, November 9, 2012

Weigh-In .. Finish Strong Update #3 (or not)

Today's Weight:  167.5
Loss/Gain:  + 2.0 lbs

(Pardon the TMI...)
Welcome Aunt Flo.  Yes, I was happy to see her arrival because otherwise I would have no reason why I was so emotional for a couple days and why I couldn't seem to get enough chocolate and not care one tidbit about eating for weight loss.

Yesterday morning I thought I wasn't due for my monthly until next week and I was wondering what the heck was going on.  Then she arrived and all was right in my world again.  The trend for me is to PMS and then right about when I start the emotions are good again and the need for chocolate dwindles back down to somewhat normal proportions.  Whew!

So...let's add to that no exercise and you have a gain.

Part of me feels I should be upset about this, but I'm not so much and here's why.

It's my monthly.  It happens.

This is the week I knew I wouldn't exercise because I've been busy from sun up to sun down helping and participating in a Bible conference at our church.  Literally, the most sitting I've done all week is in the car taxying my kids to and from school and in the church seminars.  That's it.

So, instead of an official update on my Finish Strong challenge because I didn't get the other things done perfect either
I'm going to leave you with two NSVs (non-scale victories) from this week:

  • There was a donut break at the morning seminars and I didn't have one.  They served fruit as well and I had fruit and one day had a cheese stick with mine.  Obviously, I had the chocolate and other junk, but that is why I refrained from the donuts.  I knew I'd had enough.  

  • Yesterday my daughter tells me this, "Last year at conference I was so tired, but this week hasn't been so bad.  I think it's because of basketball practice every afternoon."  Yes!!!  She realized that exercise gives you more energy!! It was a happy moment.  
I hope you have a good day.  We're very excited everyone is off on Monday for Veteran's Day so we can recoup from our busy week.  

Have a good day, and thanks for checking in!!

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  1. The best part of this post to me was when your daughter said what she did. That's awesome!