"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So, remember last week when I posted about crying at the end of my run? (click here to read) Well, aside from being vexed that I had run slower I was also frustrated with knowing that I have to exercise to maintain or see weight loss.  I was frustrated at knowing that I can't just eat "a little less" and expect to lose another 25 pounds.  I have to focus on eating better and I. have. to. move.  (or eat a LOT less).


As of that run my weekend hadn't been all that great eating wise and the scale was showing it. (Thus the reason I was content to squeak out a half-pound loss on Friday).  

I'm reminded of that again this morning when I stepped on my scale to see a high number.  Not just a pound, but a couple.  Geez.  

Hopefully it's all from a sugar and starchy carb overload day I had yesterday.  I didn't exercise due to sleeping in, having kids home from school and then commitments to attend to, and I ate like I had burned extra calories.  This is not good...

...especially when you want to lose weight.  


But, however, comma...

To look on the bright side...

  • Instead of wanting to quit I knew I needed to get back on track...and wanted to.
  • I'm learning that my body seems to only handle starchy carbs well when I do cardio. 
  • I'm learning to be okay with the above.
  • I looked at my 2013 goal of DO [what's hard] and reminded myself this isn't going to be easy, but by golly I'm determined to get it done. 
So, my week isn't going as stellar as I'd like, but instead of feeling defeated I'm choosing to learn from the mistakes and get back on track.  This is a lifelong change after all.  :)

Have a nice day!  

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