"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[Not] Good Enough

***Note:  Please see above post...I've changed my attitude, in that I AM good enough.  I'm just going to strive for better. *** Edited May 9,2013

I don't have much time to write today, but I want to share a quick thought with regards to where I'm at right now in my weight loss journey.

Currently I'm down a total of 65 pounds.  I have gone from busting out of a 20W to wearing 14's loosely.  I'm able to run for an hour without dreading it, and going for a long brisk walk is like an easy workout to me.  My losing has been slow, but I have not gained anything more than 3 pounds from my lowest recorded weight.

This is all good, even great progress and I'm very proud of how far I've come.

I know that I could settle here as well.  For a lady who has not been able to stay this close to a healthy weight for more than a year in the 18 years she's been an adult I'm doing awesome to maintain between 164-168 like I have been the past six months.

But while this is good it's not good enough for me.

If I was eating great and do everything I could I'd seriously consider settling at this weight, but I'm not.   Settling where I am would be easy, but it would not be my best effort.

Yes, I have considered upping my goal weight from 140 to 150 lbs.  In fact, lately I'm thinking I'd just like to be comfortable in a size 12.  I think I'd be okay with that, but even 150 is another 15 pounds away.

I have been struggling again with overeating and snacking too much and too often.  Not often enough to cause large weight gains, and thankfully I seem to reign it in the next day/meal most times, but it's been a tad frustrating.  I've even had to remind myself a few times lately that food is not the answer.

Yes, no one would blame me if I settled where I'm at, but I know I'll never be content if I haven't done my best.

Good is fine, but best is better and I refuse to quit or give up hope of losing more weight until I've truly given it my all.  I will not settle for a half victory in my relationship to food.

So, that in a nutshell is where I'm at.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I think if you will be happy at 150 then stay with that. You can always see how you feel in say 6 month, if you wanna lose a few more pounds etc. I sympathise with the frustration from overeating & snacking, I've been so bad at it lately as well. Try remember why you are doing this, where you want to be, and go back to basics. Good luck.

  2. From where I sit, here on the outside of your business, I'd say that where you are is great AND that you're striving for more. Both are positives! To me, the 'not good enough' negates all that you have accomplished, but we know how weird I am about words. :))

    1. Cammy, I hadn't really thought about the phrase negating my accomplishments thus far. Maybe it's like using "selfish" seemed to make people think I thought taking time for working out was "bad" the other day. hhmm..I need to work on my words a little bit.

      Thanks for mentioning that.