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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Was Tardy, but I Still Worked Hard

Today I was going to return to the Spin Class, but I was running late. When I got there every single bike was taken. wow. I wasn't worried about arriving right at the class start time because last week there wasn't a full class.

I was disappointed, but knew it was my own fault for assuming it would be a smaller class. Since I was already at the gym I hopped on the elliptical for 45 minutes. I hadn't seen a sign about the general 30-minute usage time on cardio equipment, but I did keep my eyes out to see if anyone was waiting.

Since no one was waiting I went ahead and did the full 45 minutes, plus a 5-minute cool down.

It was hard and great all at the same time. I'm not sure if the levels are the same as the machines I used in OK. If they were I was a little lower on the levels; however, I did a "random" workout that automatically raised and lowered the intensity at random intervals.

Whew, was I sweaty! I had a towel with me and was grateful for it when the sweat was dripping off my chin and then into my eyes. Yes, it flew off my chin and into my eyes...for those who were paying attention to the order of events....Just kidding. :)

Besides the people I see on the elliptical at the gym I don't know many who actually like to use that machine. I LOVE IT!

There's something about it that I love. I feel so strong when I am pushing myself and seeing the miles go by in ways I have yet to see in my running. It tempted me to start going to the gym regularly again, but I want to enjoy my outside walks/runs as long as possible.

There's a step class on Thursday that I might try, if I get there early enough. LOL

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