"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Goals Final Check-In

I didn't realize until Friday that May's arrival meant I needed to wrap up my April goals.  I have been super busy almost every hour of each day since, so I'm barely getting this done now.  The good thing is... even though I was super busy both Friday and Saturday I still got my exercise in.  :)

I'm really glad I did these goals for April, because it forced me to be accountable each week.  My point in doing them was to help me refocus on my health and it worked.  I didn't score perfect 100's each week, but I definitely saw improvement in my mental attitude and determination in staying healthy.

Job well done.

For the record here is how last week went:

  • Track food at least five days a week.  That would be better that I've done in a LONG time.  Done! 
  • Run three days a week, training for 10K.  I'm giving this a green, because while I only ran two days I did exercise four days this week.  
  • Complete 1-3 days of the cross training listed on the training plan.  Honestly, if I get four days of exercise in per week that will be the most I've done so far.  I'd like to actually exercise all six days a week the plan calls for, but baby steps...  See above.  I actually did two days of cross training and two days of running, so getting four days of exercise in was success for me. 
  • Work on eating a little less (and thus see weight loss), but at least stay within maintenance calories.  I'm not committing to a certain number of veggies and fruits, or no carbs, etc, because for now just tracking my food and trying to consistently stay in a healthier calorie range is a huge plus.  This was still in the so-so, because my calories were not always in the healthiest range.  I had more good days than over days, so it was not a complete fail. 
Tomorrow I will be back with a motivational Monday post and then I will post during the week the May goals I have in my head already.  I have my moments I regret putting on ten pounds, but I have learned something through this and I can not be saddened by that.  

Healthiness is a lifelong process, something to stay focused on at all times.  It is not a one-time test and then we're through.  So, I continue to press on my new ending in life.  

Yep.  It never gets old realizing I'm able to say that...I have made a new ending in what used to be a hopeless case.  Glory!

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  1. Great job - it's a lifelong process, that is for sure.