"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Before I See the Scale Tomorrow

As I was sewing this evening I was thinking about where I'm at in my healthiness journey and decided I would post tonight, before I see the scale tomorrow, so that my thoughts are not affected by the number I see in the morning.  

I've weighed every day this week and it's been up 3 pounds, down 3 pounds every other day, so who knows where it will settle tomorrow.  I can't honestly say I don't care what it will say, but I can honestly say I will not be too sad if there is no loss shown this week.  

Because one of the things I wanted to share is that I have made some great strides with getting back to my "new normal" self who was eating healthy and exercising a year ago.  I have found myself less compelled to overeat at meals and less likely to snack throughout the day when I'm truly not hungry.  

A short time ago I felt like I had lost "it" and I wondered if I'd every get "it" back.  Who knows if I was trying to use food as a salve to soothe over my other issue I've been dealing with, or if I just gained weight and then felt no hope of losing it so I didn't care how much or what I ate.  

And right now I don't care to do any further introspection to figure it out. 

All I know is I am finding myself picking healthier choices and smaller portions more often than not lately and feeling like my old [new] self.  :)  This makes me happy.

My running is also improving and that makes me happy as well.  Part of the improvement in my speed is the weather cooling, but I think the other part is that I'm running three days a week again and my body is remembering what it is to be a runner, or even to be physically active again.  Hooray!

So, basically what I want to say is that I am happy with how things are going.  I know I need, and want, to see the scale get back into the 160's because that is a healthier place for me to be.   I was maintaining around 160-163 for about a year and a half, so I know I can stay there comfortably. 

And since this 15-pound gains was due mainly to overeating during a stressful time in my life I know I can get it off again ... eventually.  

The gain happened.  I am moving on and letting go of it;  knowing I need to tighten the caloric belt, but also knowing I am not going to beat myself up if the scale doesn't reflect the other good things happening.

So, no matter what the scale says tomorrow I will be happy.  I will keep pressing on towards a healthier, happier me, because I won't give up.  :)

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