"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Friday, November 21, 2014

Updated Progress Pictures

This is rather hard for me to post, but I always feel honesty is the best policy.  Plus, you may not understand how excited I'll be when I get these 15 pounds off if you don't see some proof of what they looked like on.  

With my abdominoplasty (aka "tummy tuck") it's easy to think I still look great, and I don't look "bad", but...none of my clothes fit well.  I've actually pulled out some pants that were very loose on me last year, and a sweater or two that I almost got rid of because they were too big, and been grateful I had them because my other jeans don't fit comfortably now.  

In fact, I'm even noticing my arms don't fit well into some shirts.  That's when it really hit me that I'd lost muscle tone along with gaining 15 pounds ... when I felt it in my arms.  Weird. 

So, while this kind of progress isn't in the direction I want to go I wanted to have updated pictures of me to add to my "Progress Pictures" so that others can see the gain and then see the proof when I get things back on track as well.  

Thanks for checking in!  It's not over and I'm still plugging along.  


  1. You know, Leah - you look totally and completely normal. I get the feeling about wanting that weight off, but also remember where you came from to be at this point.

    1. That's exactly what my husband said. It's another post in process... He said he thinks it's funny I feel so out of shape when he remembers where I was 10 years ago.