"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Monday, January 19, 2015

Water With Dinner

It's a small thing really, but something I must share.

A short time ago I found myself thinking, "I used to feel fit, strong and healthy, but look at me now. " and I almost started thinking I'm never going to get back to that lady I had become as of only a year ago and who was I thinking to think I'd be a fit woman.

I was never that lady before, so who was I to think it was going to stick.

Before you worry too much, I tell you honestly I nipped that line of thinking in the bud as soon as it entered my mind.

Nope.  I am not going back to that way of thinking, nor to the life of an overweight, unhealthy person.

I may feel fatter with these extra 20 pounds back on, but I am not giving in to the "I was never meant to be thin." mentality that so many revert to after a moment (or moments) of frustration.

I refuse to give in to that, so I didn't allow my mind to dwell on those negative thoughts of self doubt.

Instead, at the next meal when I had run out of Diet Pepsi (on purpose, because I was drinking too much of it at home) I had water with my dinner.  It felt right.

I may not feel back to my old, healthier self just yet, but I will.

Something as small as drinking water with my dinner reminded me I can get back to the old-new Leah who didn't mind making healthier choices.  She kind of got lost among the upsetting year of 2014, but she is not dead. 


  1. Yay! One healthy choice leads to another. And you can't go back! I regained 92 pounds and it is SO hard to face it again. From your side bar, it looks like your happy weight is around mine...150's? Let's get there!

  2. Good for you, Leah! Diet Coke calls my name every once in a while ... not keeping it in the house is sometimes my best defense.

  3. Good for you, Leah! It's all about taking baby steps, and building a foundation of little habits of health that eventually become just part of the routine. The holidays found me about 8 pounds heavier that I was at my lowest (which was still about 15 pounds away from my goal). So I'm taking the same approach...just one small change that can turn into a healthy habit...part further away from the door at the store. Drink plenty of water. Take the long way to the restroom, etc. Proud of you for hanging in there, Leah! And the negative self talk is something I believe many of us struggle with silencing.