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Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Becoming a Picky Eater

Well, Monday is here and I'm happy to say that I didn't see a huge weekend gain on the scale this morning. As in, I ate dinner late last night and the scale was only up 0 . 5 a pound probably due to eating right before bed. Yay!

This is especially exciting because we had two major eating events since my weigh-in on Friday. Funny thing is I noticed something about my new self during both events.

Short Story:

I've become a picky eater, rating my food and deciding what I will and will not spend my calories on...without even really noticing I'm doing it. (Diane included some of this in her helpful hints blog post last week.)

Long Story:

Friday night was my husband's work Christmas dinner. The meal was a buffet including fried chicken mashed potatoes, sauteed fresh green beans, mashed potatoes and salad. I served myself a plate with a breast, plenty of salad and green beans and about 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes. Just enough potatoes for a taste. (Picky choice #1 - picking more veggies than potatoes!!)

After the meal I decided to enjoy one of the beautifully decorated cupcakes that were part of the centerpiece on our table. The first bite proved to be a letdown. After a second bite of the very dry cupcake I put it on my plate and quietly told my husband, "I'm not going to spend my calories on a dry cupcake." (Picky choice #2 - only eating treats I will really enjoy)

I did go home and enjoy one or two dark chocolate kisses after the party dinner - much more enjoyable than the dried out cupcake. :)

Saturday we went out with some friends to a farm with a wonderful buffet lunch. They serve a limited menu and bring the bowls of food out to the tables. Starters were ham biscuits in a bucket, of which I had a bite or two and then shared with my son and husband. (Picky choice #3 - not indulging on an appetizer when I know more food is coming.)

The meal included fried chicken, mashed potatoes, baked macaroni and cheese, corn, green beans, pork tenderloin and gravy. Again I served myself a breast, and a little of each thing with plenty of green beans. I ate until satisfied and enjoyed every bite. Then I decided to try a piece of their cheesecake for dessert. It was not a baked -In my opinion "real"- cheesecake, but a easy, no-bake cheesecake dessert. Again, I wasn't impressed and ended up eating only 2/3 of the small piece because I was getting full and didn't want to keep eating something I wasn't enjoying. (Picky choice #4 - not continuing to eat something just because I paid for it when it isn't all that great.)

Last, but not least, last night we had a late dinner at a local fast-food joint. Now, I must admit I ate fast food - actually I thought my chicken sandwich was grilled and it was fried...oops. But..the good thing was I served myself some sweet tea (for a treat I thought to myself) but after taking a few sips it was way too sweet for me. After thinking about it, wondering if I should just drink it instead of wasting it, I poured it out and served myself some diet soda instead. (Picky choice #5 - I again decided not to waste calories on something that wasn't sitting right with me..and not feel bad for wasting the food.)

Now, you made read this and think, "Good grief, Leah!! You ate all kinds of greasy foods!!!", but I am seeing much more than that. There is such a change in how I am around food that it gives me hope that I will reach my weight loss goals.

I am no longer eating food until I'm stuffed, nor am I feeling obligated to finish food just because I paid for it or because it's put in front of me. I'm learning to be picky in ways that allow me to enjoy treats and still help me stay on track with my health.

Have a great week everyone! I hope your last minute holiday preparations come together nicely. I'm off to get my house ready for a ladies' only ornament exchange party tonight. Whee!!!

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  1. Those are great accomplishments!! Don't let anyone look down on you when you've achieved something, just because you haven't achieved the whole enchilada! :)