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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Of My Very Own

Okay, I'm a sucker....seriously. I love water bottles with straws versus an open lid. Since Oklahoma has such wonderful water I have no problem drinking water from the tap here. However, I only have one 32-oz insulated water cup that uses a straw. It's great for keeping around the house, but not for taking on the go as it doesn't fit into a drink holder.

I've been eyeing people's water bottles at the gym and in blogs and finally decided to get myself a new one. I chose to try the new Camelbak Better Bottle water bottle.
So far I love how it fits so easily in my hand as well as the drink holder in my car. I'm still getting a little used to having to bite the nozzle and then suck the water out, but I must've done okay because I drank two of them full yesterday. It holds 24 ounces.

My kids all think it's cool and I might just invest in one for each of them as the sports seasons go on and the weather warms up (okay looking waaaay into the future here). At $11 a bottle I wasn't about to go out and buy them each one right now. My son is a straw biter, so the girls think this would be great for him especially. We'll see...

Oh, did I mention the parts are all dishwasher safe? That's a selling point with me for sure! :)


  1. yah but they don't come in pink :-)

    I have heard nothing but great reviews about these water bottles. It helps to drink your water when you love what your drinking it out of!

  2. OH My... another good bottle. I did a post quite some time ago about my obsession with water bottles. The number that I own just keeps on creeping up... I'm sick!
    Love that water....

  3. Love that water bottle Leah!! My older kids would love to have one of those too. I don't have a cute water bottle right now!

  4. (Guiltily conscious of not drinking enough water.) Enjoy!

  5. Hi Leah! This is my first time visiting your blog (love it!)
    Love this water bottle!! I need to invest in a new one soon, why not pick a cute one :)

  6. Neat bottle. I saw those at Dick's the other day. My water bottle is looking pretty sorry right now LOL!