"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Sunday, May 24, 2009

That's What Friends Are For

I have only told a couple of best friends and my mom about my attempt at losing weight again.  I've chickened out from telling one of my best friends though....  She and I have both battled weight loss and are both currently back up at the high end of weight.  She actually lost over 60 pounds a few years ago, but has since gained it all back.

Now I know when I am at my heaviest weight and not in the mood to lose weight it's hard for me to be excited when someone talks about losing weight.  I'm always like, "That's great!" and on the inside I condemn myself for being so fat and then just decide that I don't care even though I'm usually a little jealous that I can't lose the weight myself.

But after eleven years of friendship I can't keep secrets from my friend for too long, so I decided just to let her know about it.  I told her I'd understand if she was skeptical of me since I've tried this before, but I just wanted her to know.  She's so sweet and I had a feeling she'd be supportive no matter what -- that's the kindhearted type of person that she is. 

I was surprised to find out that she has also really been struggling with her weight gain lately.  We chatted for a long time and turns out she could use the encouragement to get motivated to lose some weight also.   Her oldest son is  graduating from high school a year from now and she would like to lose the extra weight by then. 

After all was said and done I was so glad I told her about my weight loss attempt.  I probably spent more time encouraging her and yet that in itself encouraged me.  She's gotten to her goal before, but I never have.  So, now that I'm motivated hopefully I can help her get motivated to take those baby steps to start and she can encourage me to keep going; and together I know we can reach our goals.  Because after all, that's what friends are for, right?  :o) 

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  1. I'm with you all the way lady!! You CAN do this and make it to your goal! One pound at a time :)