"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Few Of My Thoughts on Running

  • Having a full meal and then jogging, even over an hour later, isn't a good idea. I did that tonight and I felt heavy. Yuck.
  • Daily water intake is necessary. I'm noticing how parched I get and I know it's not just because I'm running for longer periods of time. For almost two weeks or more now I haven't been drinking even half of the water each day that I should be.
  • I'm finding myself having to psyche myself up for these straight long runs. For some reason jogging a straight 28 minutes is more daunting than doing intervals. I had no problem doing the C25K when it was just intervals, but now I have to rev myself up and keep myself motivated during the run.
  • Having just written that last thought I am reminded of the first week when it was all I could do to push out the last two or three one-minute jogs. Those were HARD.
  • No matter how much I might dread the run, or be scared of it, I always look forward to it, because I know I feel so good when I'm done. Not only physically, but emtionally as well because I'm so excited that I have been able to do this...which leads me to my last point...
  • I can't believe I can jog 28 minutes straight through!!!!!!!! In December I decided to try jogging, just to see if I could make it through a mile. I was so excited to jog a mile in 16-17 minutes, even if I was dying and I had to stop there for my workout that day because I was so tired. Today I jogged 1.96 miles in 28 minutes - just over two months after that first attempt - and I probably could've gone on a bit longer. I made myself stop at 28 minutes, because that's all I'm supposed to run for week eight of C25K.
  • Oh, and one last thought...I feel silly saying "run" or that I'm a "runner" when my pace is 4.2 on the treadmill, but it sure does sound fun. I figure I can get away with it on my blog, where you are all so gracious with me. Plus, if I keep speaking positively and calling myself a "runner" then it just might happen some day.


  1. you are doing great Leah, and how great that you are noticing all these things and fixing them.
    I too find that I run better when I haven't eaten, I normally try to have something really small 1 hour before running, but boy do I make up for it when I get back :-)

  2. I also love the feeling of being done and the rush of excitement I get when running :-)

  3. I love your post today!! I just started 'running' around december too. And although I 'go running', I am only up to running 1/2 mile before going into a fast walk to recover. You hit the key things I feel about running to a T! At one point I thought 'I hate this!', but 3 days without running and I feel like I crave it like Chocolate. And I can't simply go for a walk now, I crave that pounding heart rate and pushing myself a little more each time. I'm not sure what the C25K is, but i think I need to look into it. Also, I want to read a book suggested on another blog called "CHI running" by Danny Dreyer.
    My number one prob is that if I see someone else on my 'run', I go into a walk. I keep thinking they are thinking "why is that fat lady trying to run"...gotta get those words out of my head and just do it :)