"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Friday, November 15, 2013

Scale is Up, But I'll Be Fine

If today was a "weigh-in" day as it was until about a month ago I'd have to come on and tell you that I've gained a few pounds.  I'd also have to admit what I could already tell physically; that I've put on a couple pounds, am not feeling so great and I need to get back on track. 

It's not a horrible gain, but I've been dipping too much into sweets and breads and I have not been feeling my best.  The lack of regular exercise in the past month (as compared to the months previous) is taking a slight toll on me as well.  

The good part??  This text conversation sums it up pretty well: 

Me: (after discussing how my Panera bread autumn squash soup in a bread bowl was too much bread for me)  Yes, I love the flavors they put together, but today was too much bread…especially since I've had lots of junk lately.

Steph:  That's how you know you've so completely changed!

Me:  Yay!!! 

Yes…yay!!!  TOM was here last week so I realized that must be why I was craving the soda and chocolate and carby foods so much.  However, I didn't quite bounce back from it like usual and I was beginning to feel it in my body -- and not like it. 

So, when the scale was up these past few days I knew why and I know it won't stay up.  Just this morning I reminded myself that I WILL NOT gain back the weight I lost.  Life happens, but I am living a new ending and I know I'll be fine.

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