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anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Saturday, November 16, 2013

What A Run!

Lately I've been babysitting a toddler on Thursday and Fridays, as needed.  When I first agreed to this temporary job I knew it would mean planning my exercise around the hours I would have this little one -- 8:30am-3:30pm.  So, yesterday I decided I would go run after she was gone and with the colder morning weather we'd been having it was going to be nicer out at that time anyway. 

What a great run it turned out to be!!

By the time I left to run the family was all home, everyone was occupied with something to do and I didn't have to prepare dinner because we had leftovers for everyone to pick on when they got hungry.  This fact, along with the fact that the weather was beautiful, spurred me to go ahead and run five miles instead of my planned four.  

I didn't push myself for any specific time, but allowed my body to just go.  Having not run very regularly since my 10K at the beginning of October I knew I wouldn't be very fast, but I wasn't worried.  I simply enjoyed the exercise, sometimes hardly believing I was still running for exercise. 

When I got home I looked at my Garmin to see that I had run 5.5 miles and my average pace was 11:13 minutes per mile.  Nice.  After a day of housecleaning I wore myself out with that run, but it was such a good feeling.  My legs were challenged and in a way they were reminded of what they are capable of.  I look forward to more running in the future!

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