"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Positive Thing

I'm still feeling like I can't get it together with my weigh and diet, but I decided to have one positive thing to share today. Well, make that two...

I ate a salad with my lunch of fresh, home-cooked tamales. This cut down on having that extra tamale to fill me up.

I also noticed that I am pushing myself harder in my at-home walking DVDs. I actually start sweating and huffing and puffing before we've finished the first mile. This is good. I think I unintentionally started pushing myself to lift my legs higher and pump my arms more when I saw what I was capable of on the elliptical almost two weeks ago.

These are good things happening today here in beautiful, autumn-colored Okieland. :)


  1. I went back and read your post on the portions yesterday and then this post. As you know, I am a big believer in portion control! :) And the difference for me between weight loss portions and weight maintenance portions is very small. So learning to eat that way now will really serve you well once you are firmly into maintenance!

    And I'm very proud of you on your increasing the intensities of your workouts. Even today, I am always working on going faster, doing more, and pushing myself. It's important to keep your body from getting comfortable!

  2. You're making good choices. You're in it for the long haul. It's the small things over and over that lead to success. Both of your good things are GREAT!

    I love your quote in your header. thanks

  3. Good job on increasing your workouts. Hang in there. I'm not exactly sure how the balance finally sets in. I'd like to say just take it one day at a time, but sometimes it's easier said then done! Thanks for your comments and support as well. :-)

  4. Great job on your workouts! And homemade tamales?? Mmmm!

  5. Oh yum, I wish I had some of those tamales.

    I have your things in a box. Horrible week time wise, hopefully you'll get them before you need the next size down :)