"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Friday, October 16, 2009

Weigh-In ... Comfortable?

Today's Weight: 210.0
Loss/Gain: -0.5 lb
Total Loss So Far: -21.0 lbs.

Yes, it's better down than up. However, I know I did not do my best this week with eating. On more than one occasion I ate beyond satisfied and I knew it. It wasn't the sweets, just the regular food. I made some really good decisions, but obviously too many "just-one-more" decisions and now I'm seeing the results.

I was thrilled with my loose jeans and I am still excited about the progress I showed on the elliptical yesterday, but I can't get comfortable. I'm no where near a healthy weight yet and I need to remind myself of that.

It was nice to hit 20 pounds lost, but it's time to keep moving on towards another goal, right? I have that Hot 100 Challenge to finish. So, I kind of have to set aside the good feelings about losing 20 pounds and work hard towards my first goal of 199.

Another step towards making that goal is getting good exercise in, so I'm off to exercise now.


  1. Half a pound is better than a gain! And you know how to tell when you are full, so that is a good self awareness.
    No time to get comfy, time to keep pushing. I am with you!

  2. Half a pound is just fine! Like Missy said this is the worst time to get complacent. Stay focused and don't lose sight of where you want to be!

  3. Missy and Diane - Thanks for the little push! I'm noticing it's a trend in me..do one good accomplishment and then get complacent. I'm going to push through though. More on that later.. :)

  4. Eating too much of good things is still too much. I do it all the time. I can tell when I am "using" food. Like the other 2 comments, I think it's awesome that we are even aware of it. Totally a huge step in the right direction.

    Keep your mojo going! You're doing great!

  5. Go go go Leah! I never was a cheerleader, so I don't have any good cheers. But they're *sincere*.

  6. Hey Leah, I was reading back over the beginning of your blog and realized your husband is in grad school full time. That was a hard slog for us but I'm really glad my husband got it done. Wondering what size you wear now? I have some 18s and 16s that I should pass along and wonder if you could use anything like that for that interim. I'm hoping to end up at a 12 so I hesitate to spend money on intermediate sizes-- I figure other people might feel the same. We need a blog clothing chain for hand me downs!

  7. Good job on the loss. As I read your post though, there was one thing that kept catching my eye -- eating beyond satisfied. I just did that. I had a great lunch, one where we are planning on eating basically the same meal tomorrow from the leftovers. I kept eating, and eating, and eating, beyond satisfied. That just won't do. Thanks for the inadvertent wake up call for me.

  8. Congrat's on the 1/2lb loss! :) It is better than the weight going in the opposite direction! ;)

    Onwards & upwards I say! Good luck!! :)