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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Really, She's Sweet

I just wanted to take a moment to put a good word in for my mother-in-law and clarify that when I say she makes "comments" they truly are very few and far between.

I just think that there's this unwritten rule about daughter-in-laws taking everything mother-in-laws say as criticism. Whether it's how the laundry is done or serving smaller portions when to help a DIL lose weight as in my case. It's like a natural instinct and I have to fight that feeling sometimes.

My mother-in-law is pretty quiet and not openly affectionate to the degree I or my mom are. She does not freely give praise to her adult children. Yet, when I'm struggling with something and I share it with her, she is very supportive and comforting. (And I'm usually surprised at how much she really does care for me...)

So, please understand that if/when I mention a comment MIL says ... I'm talking about a comment from a kind, sweet lady that can be taken as criticism from me because of this unwritten DIL vs MIL rule. She is by no means the the hurtful, jealous woman like in the movie "Monster In Law". THANK THE LORD!!!

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  1. :) I'm glad to hear you don't have a Monster In Law. I am very fond of mine too although I like to complain sometimes.