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anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Friday, October 9, 2009

Weigh-In ... Mixed Emotions

Today's weight: 210.5
Loss/Gain: + 0.5
Total Loss So Far: - 20.5 lbs

We'll start with the not-so-happy emotions:
Okay, so I was hoping for a tiny loss, even a maintain, so I was a little upset with this small gain. However, I'm pretty sure it's due to PMS and currently being right smack dab in the middle of my cycle. *sigh*

Plus, I was wondering how this week was going to turn out because I was home all week. You see, I noticed when I was working that I was eating more for lunch than I usually do at home. When I'm home I tend to just grab something light for lunch and not actually sit down and eat a meal. hhmmm... I was wondering if it would make a difference in my weigh-in. I also had a few mornings that I didn't eat "early", but at about 10:00, even 10:30 day, and I wonder if that makes a difference too. hhmm.... These are things I'm going to try and watch the next week and see what happens.

Now for the happy emotions:

First off, though I was sad to see a gain I was happy that I didn't have to give up my "4 bags of sugar"!! Seriously, I don't ever want to see those 20 pounds again and I was glad that I didn't creep up into them. Whew! I know I've heard of some gaining a full 1-3 pounds during their cycle, so I'm glad that wasn't me.

Secondly, I have a "non-scale victory" to share. This week our temperatures dropped to the 60's during the daytime and so I pulled out a handful of long-sleeved shirts and my jeans. Well, the tops all fit great (some are even loose) and the jeans are comfortable!!! Not just, "Oh, yea I can fit into these."; but they fit like, "Yes! My jeans are comfy and going to be too big soon, because they are a bit loose!"

Now you see why I have mixed emotions!! Here's on to a better week next week and going down the scale once more. :)

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  1. I would put money that that "gain" is all due to your cycle, and nothing else. Stay strong and focused and just ignore that number for now!

    Congratulations on the fitting/almost too big jeans!! I see some new clothes in your future Leah.