"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Hip and a Good Post

First the not so good news. My hip has been bothering me since my run on Saturday. It actually began to ache during the beginning of the run, but I pressed on. I don't remember it aching again until Sunday sometime. I was on my feet all day Saturday afternoon/evening cooking for Easter and then a lot of Sunday setting out Easter dinner and having guests over. I've never had this kind pain before.

So, Monday I didn't exercise to give my hip a break. Then yesterday I did the elliptical instead of jogging to keep the pressure off of it (I know this helps my knees if they get sore). However, it's still achy. *sigh* So, today I simply went for a brisk 30-minute walk and then did weights for upper body.

I have no intention of hurting myself just to be a runner or very fit. So, I'm taking it a little lighter on the workouts until I am not achy in my hip. I can almost feel it aching direction where the joint sits in the socket. Hhmm..

On a happier, and more encouraging note...if you don't follow Diane over at Fit to the Finish you should go check out her post from today called "When the Fun Fades". It's a very good insight into how to keep going on a weight loss journey even when the "honeymoon" period passes. I found her post so true, because I've quit diets many times in the past because it was no longer "fun" to eat right and exercise.

I hope you're all having a very nice week!


  1. Take care of that Hip Leah. I totally understand issues/pain you can have when it acts up. Ice works if you have the opportunity.

  2. Definitely take it easy on your hip. I wonder if you are putting more weight on one foot when you land than the other? And do you have great fitting shoes? Are you a pronator (sp?)?

    In any case - you are wise to not injure yourself further. It is not worth it!

    Thanks again for the mention - that post was one I wish I had read along my journey!!

  3. I only have one remedy: ibuprophen. It cures most of my ailments. Hope your hip feels better soon.