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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weigh-In ... Getttin With It Update #1

Today's Weight:205.0
Loss/Gain: +0.5 lb.
Total Loss So Far: -25.5

Well, the lovely TOM has arrived along with my little half of a pound gain. I was wondering why there wasn't at least a one-pound loss, but now I know.

I looked up my last three monthly weigh-ins affected by TOM and they were +2.5, +0.5, and +1.5. So, I'm happy this week was only up half a pound. I didn't have munchies like usual, so that was good. Either that or I stayed focused and so I didn't see a gain. hhmm... being focused... :)

In case you missed it, I started myself on my own personal challenge for eight weeks. I named it "Gettin With It". You can click on the badge/button on the right side to read all about it.

Here's my first update:

My goals:
  • First off ... I want to see at least 10 pounds lost. 0/10 lost so far.
  • Take my mutli-vitamin and calcium daily. YES! I've done this daily since posting my challenge.
  • Drink 64 oz. of water daily. YES, all days except for yesterday, but I think I drank about 6-7 glasses, so that's pretty close.
  • One sweet treat a day. Yes, however I don't think they were always weight loss portions. i.e. One day I had 1 cup of ice cream instead of a serving, which is 1/2 cup. But then yesterday I didn't have any sweets, because I didn't really want any in the evening after dinner, so I guess it balances out.
  • Eat one fruit or veggie with each meal.Pretty good. I think I've done it 90% of the days/time. This morning I did not, because I got rushed at the last minute. Definitely doing better than in the past though.
  • No snacking if I'm not truly hungry. Pretty good. This still takes work.
  • Exercise at least 4 days a week. I jogged 3 days so far this week and did full body weights one of those days. Since my 5K is tomorrow and I have a lot of housecleaning/back porch cleaning to work on today I took a break from jogging. Don't want to be too tired. :)
Overall, I'm pretty excited about how this first week of my Gettin With It challenge is going. I am looking forward to good things and I look forward to everyone else doing well that has joined me in this.

Happy Friday!!

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