"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Monday, April 12, 2010

No Acceptance

There is one type of acceptance that I have decided I will not allow in my life.

The acceptance of defeat.

One of my favorite movies is "Facing the Giants" and there is this wonderful quote that a father who is wheelchair bound tells his son:

"If you accept defeat, David, then that's what you'll get."

How many times in my weight loss attempts (and other areas of life) have I accepted defeat before it even happened? I set myself up to fail and thus I failed.

Not this time. I refuse to accept defeat in this journey. No matter the amount of time it takes to reach my goals I will press on.


  1. Yeah! Failure is not an option. This post reminds me of a quote from my mother, "You cannot take the elevator to success, you must take the stairs." Have a great week! =)

  2. I loved that movie! And you are right - accepting defeat isn't an option. You are doing great Leah!

  3. Great motto! You sound very determined and I know you will reach all your goals.

    Love your new profile pic!

  4. "No matter the amount of time it takes to reach my goals I will press on."

    This is the quote that sticks with me. I'm a slow loser but I'm not stopping.

  5. Amen to that!!!
    Thanks for your support this weekend.

  6. Go Girl!! I have to remind myself that sometimes too :)

  7. Keep pluggin. It may not happen if you do, but it definitely won't if you don't.

  8. You have a great attitude; it's so easy to accept that negative and give up that I feel like even just telling yourself to keep going is winning half the battle.