"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Monday, May 3, 2010

Early Morning Rising

Well, it's another week and a new chance to start working out in the mornings.

I did today. Yes, I got up early and did the 30-day Shred before getting ready for school. As I showered I thought about how good it felt to workout and to know I got a workout in and done for the day. I told myself to try and remember how good it felt each morning that the alarm goes off and I don't want to get up any earlier.

Though I dread even thinking about it, my goal for this week is to get up to workout early at least four out of the five school days.

Exercise is a must in this journey. I'm getting to wear I truly enjoy a good workout (sometimes more when it's finished than when I'm pushing through it). When I feel the sweat and know how my legs are stronger when I'm walking around during the day it's a wonderful thing!

I leave you with some questions. These are things I'd chat with you about if we were at a health-related meeting, because I'm having a hard time getting up earlier right now.
  1. What time of day is easiest for you to workout?
  2. If you workout in the mornings, early mornings, was it always easy to do? If you work out later
  3. How do you overcome the "flesh" and just make yourself get up in the mornings to workout?
I'm sure someone will tell me to "just do it", so for now that is my goal. I'm also doing better at getting to bed earlier as I know that makes a difference. I just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts or comments to share on this topic.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Yay for exercise becoming easier!

    I work out in the morning. I never used to be a morning person, but when I was running and it was the summer, it got too hot to do the afternoon/evening runs. So I switched to mornings and never went back.

    You really do just have to get up and do it. If it is non negotiable in your mind, you will get up. The minute you let excuses roll in, you will keep sleeping. I always tell myself that I will regret it if I don't work out, but if I do - I will feel great for the rest of the day!

  2. I have done it, and I agree with Lori, it works best if it is a given. No negotiation allowed.

    The earlier in the day I do it, the less likely it will get pushed off the end of the day.

    Go get 'em!

  3. Great questions! I MUST get up at 5:30am to work out or I come up with exuses during the day and it doesnt' get done. I rarely 'feel' like getting up when the alarm goes off up I tell myself I have to. I find that if I make myself get up mon-thursday and give myself friday off (I usually go for a long walk in the evening on friday), it makes it easier because I know I'm not getting up on friday.

  4. I like to workout in the morning to get it done. However, it does not always work out like that :(

  5. Great job getting up and doing it!

    I work out in the early morning. It is hard to drag myself out of bed that is for sure! Really, my main motivation is that I work out with friends and know that they will be waiting for me. Can you find a friend to work out with?

    It sounds like you are making it a priority so as others have said make it non-negotiable in your mind. Promise yourself you'll do it and then don't break your promise! YOu deserve the best!