"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Final Chapter

Today I was blessed to hear the preaching of a dear former pastor of ours. He pastors the church my parents attend and the one my husband and I attended when we lived here six years ago. His sermon was very timely for the stress I've been under in regards to the sickness in my family. To sum it up he said that often times God allows us to go through trials to see where our heart is at.

How will we handle it?
Will we lose heart and give up?

He likened it to a spiritual EKG, showing us just what the condition of our heart is like. He commented that many people don't realize they have true physical heart problems until another health issue arises and they are at the doctor's office. Suddenly the doctor notices things and sends them for and EKG; and many times this ends up in heart surgery. Yet, all along this patient thought they were just fine.

As I latered pondered his words and the truth they held in my life going through the stress of major sickness in two family members, I also realized that this can be applied to my weight loss journey.

My friend (the famous) Stephanie commented in an email to me the other day that this stress has definitely been a life test for me in my weight loss journey.

I've seen great strides in my weight loss journey this past year and then life thew me a curve ball of a lesson to work through. Now as I'm going through it I'm realizing that this is a test to see just how well I've learned my new eating and exercise habits, and whether or not I'm going to abide by those new changes or allow myself to quit and give in to the old Leah's way of doing things.

As my post on the walking in the airport shows I've seen myself stick to my new habits, but as the many Hershey Kisses that have made it in my mouth would agree, I've also seen myself fall back into old habits. I've had to stop and make myself think.

Can I handle good eating and exercise habits no matter what else goes on in my life?
Will I quit working on my health just because other issues arise?

The answer is no.

I will not quit. I will not give up. And I definitely will not go back to my old ways.

Getting back to the sermon, our pastor mentioned that it's the final chapter in life that matters. The tests and trials along the way will strengthen us and teach us, and if we can keep our hearts healthy until that final day, then we will have the great reward.

Along those same terms, my blog's name is "My New Ending" for a reason. It's not the setbacks and stressors of life that happen along the journey that will matter most, but the final outcome. As long as I keep working on my healthy habits and taking care of myself in the way I know is best I will reach my goals and that final chapter will be worth every struggle it took to get there.

With God's strength I will come out the winner both spiritually and in my health.

How about you? Are you struggling or feeling like quitting your weight loss plan or journey just because things are getting tough?

Please don't quit or give up. Every stress, problem and struggle is a part of the journey and it really is the final chapter that will matter the most. Together we will win this battle!


  1. Leah - this is just what I emailed you! God must be sending you this message loud and clear. You are stronger, and healthier, and more prepared for life's challenges. Thank you for sharing about your pastor's words.

    Never give up!

  2. I've been out of the loop for awhile so am just getting caught up now. I am so sorry to hear about your mom and brother. You will be in my prayers.

    I love your post and know that you will be successful in making your new ending.

    Sending you hugs.

  3. loved this!

    oh and I didn't comment, but I did see your post about the KettleWorx. Hope youre enjoying it. :)

  4. So glad this struggle is strengthening you and bringing you closer to God.


  5. I am not thinking of quitting, but the stress I have faced lately is really beginning to wear on me. This sounds like a sermon I could stand to listen to. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.