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Monday, July 27, 2009

Gastric Bypass..Yes or No?

Diane from Fit to the Finish wrote about whether to have gastric bypass surgery or not on her blog today. I decided to post here the comment that I left on her site.

My opinion on gastric bypass surgery:

I have four friends who have all had gastric bypass surgery. I know for sure that three of them were told by their pastor that the surgery would either be their deliverance from the battles with food, or they would still need a deliverance from those battles (emotional issues, mindsets, etc.) For two of them it seemed to be the deliverance, but one of them gained it all back and has no exercise habits nor good eating habits in place now. This was her second weight loss surgery in about 15-20 years, and the doctors told her she can’t do it again.

I also have one good friend who had it done and I was with her from the surgery and through all office visits afterwards. She has kept the weight off for 3-4 years now with continued good eating habits and regular exercise. It was not easy to watch her go through the surgery, strict eating, almost choking because she hadn’t chewed her food down small enough, but she made it through fine with no major complications. It worked for her the best of the four ladies who I know had it done.

However, I’ve never felt it was for me. Have I wanted to have it done? Sure. I’ve reached my point of hopelessness in times past, but I know that a surgery is not going to solve my emotional issues that are directly linked to my bad eating habits. If I can not change on my own, I’ve felt a surgery is not going to change me.

I agree with you, Diane, that everyone needs to decide what works best for them. I will support those who choose gastric bypass and only pray that in the process they are able to deal seriously with their emotional issues. In the meantime, I will do it the “old fashioned” way and in the process deal with the fears and emotional issues in my life, so that as I reach my physical goal weight I will have gained an emotional victory as well.

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