"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hindering Thoughts

Thinking during weight loss is a good thing when planning healthy meals, times to fit in exercise or how to handle an upcoming social event, etc., etc. But I find if I'm not careful, thinking can hinder me on my weight loss journey, especially when...

... I compare myself to others on their weight loss journey.

... I think about where I could be in a year, or even six months. If I don't make this goal I will be depressed, even if I've lost some weight, because thoughts of failure try to take hold of my mind.

... I think about how I've lost and gained this weight so many times and how if I would've only kept it off five years ago I wouldn't be going through this struggle now.

... I think about a bad choice so long that I'm depressed and think the weight will never come off and I'll never be able to control myself with food.

The list could go on and on. Some may not relate to this at all, but I know for myself that my own thoughts can be my very own worst enemy.

I know there will be rough days, bad choices made, but hindering thoughts will do nothing to help me reach my weight loss goals. So, instead of giving in to them and letting them ruin my days I will press on to keep the thoughts positive and just keep going to the best of my ability.

P.S. Feel free to share any thoughts you might battle and how you overcome them. :)


  1. I like this a lot. I had all those feelings you described, and more. I think you are doing so well with really being deliberate about your weight loss this time.

    My biggest fear when I was obese? That I would become unable to leave the house.

    My biggest negative thought after I reached my goal? That I wouldn't be able to maintain the loss.

    Thanks for this post Leah.


  2. Wish I had the answer. I have been struggling lately myself. Just feel it and realized that it won't last forever. I have just been acting as if....fake it till you make it.

  3. Oh man do I hear you. I have been dealing with that very thing lately, but different thoughts of course and even though I've lost, I still wonder will I ever get there. Sometimes it doesn't matter how much support we have, we still have to sit by ourselves and learn to fight those thoughts. I think of you every day and am proud you're doing what you're doing because it's causing me to look at other areas of my life as well and so I appreciate your example!

  4. Diane - I appreciate your comments, so that we can see the perspective from "the other side". :)

    F.McButter Pants - My husbands wonders if this is your real name? LOL "fake it till you make it" is how I think I get through my PMS days/week. :)

    Steph - You've no idea how great I feel knowing I'm an example to you at times...especially when you've always been my motivation to break the family tradition of overweight women in how you've kept control of your weight all these years. :) We will do this...bit by bit. :) BTW - I love your little photo of you and Grace in the followers section. So cute!!

  5. p.s. Stephanie and I have mothers that have battled weight most of their adults lives also and were friends from about 5th grade on. We've been friends since jr. high too!! :) Stephs always managed her weight much better than I in years past, now she's just working on post-pregnancy weight. (which still isn't much..*grin* ) We're in it for the long haul!!! :)