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Monday, August 17, 2009

Working and Working Out

I am a part-time substitute teacher and usually work 2-3 days a week and only at my kids' school. Well, over the summer I started wondering how my workouts were going to fit in my work schedule. I also make time for my daily Bible reading and prayer in the mornings, so working out when I work is going to be tricky, because it either means I have to get up early or workout late in the evenings. I decided that I'd workout 30 minutes on the days I sub and then 45-60 on the days I don't. Until yesterday I hadn't decided if this would be early mornings or late nights. I like early mornings, but that means that I have to get to bed at a decent hour and I am not always the best at disciplining myself to do that.

I finally decided to try early mornings. I need to get up by 6:00am at the latest and I did that this morning. I didn't fight too hard (I would've if I would've been getting up at 5:00 am like my weight-loss buddy who has kids in high school) and the workout went fine. I showered and then sat down with my Bible and coffee and almost fell back asleep. **giggle** oops...

Nevertheless, I'm going to try and get up early again tomorrow and see if I can do it AND stay awake while I read my Bible before I get the kids up. I won't complain, because I know other people (ahem,Chris..) get up earlier than that to workout before they get on with their days. I'm hoping maybe I can get myself into this as a habit and get up early on the days I don't work also so that I can always be done with the workouts early in the morning.

I'll keep you posted on how the week goes. :)

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  1. I hope you will begin to like it. It made a huge difference in my day when I got up early to get a jumpstart on my day!