"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Size Smaller?

Since a few tops that I haven't worn in "forever" are fitting me again I decided to try on some new capris that were too tight when I received them for my birthday in July. They are a size 18w and they are fitting better now. I think I can actually wear them out in public!!!

I haven't worn an 18w in over a year, so I'm very pleased with this little bit of good news. I never took measurements at the beginning, so I only track my weight. Seeing that some smaller clothes are fitting me shows me that even though the scale hasn't moved too much inches are definitely coming off also. I guess that's where walking has made a big difference in my body.

Oh.... I also bought a size 18wp top the other day at Marshall's to go with a skirt I received for my birthday. I figured that in another 5-10 pounds it would fit me well and I wasn't going to pass it up because it was a WP(which you rarely find at these types of stores) -- that means it was a petite, which I need in button-up shirts. And it fit so perfect!!! Being 5' 4" puts me at the top of the "petite" range, so petite pants are usually shorter than I like. However, petite blouses or dresses are always perfect for me. Not only was I excited that it was a size smaller, but that it was a petite that fit me perfectly.

Hooray!! Here's to more walking and healthier food choices and to seeing the scale go down slowly but surely.

p.s. My mom called when I was trying on the capris and when I told her about my loss she says to me, "Little by little, We whittle and whittle... until we are little!!" I laughed and told her I was going to hang that up somewhere in my house. :) She's so sweet and supportive!


  1. Yay on a smaller size! Isn't it the most amazing feeling?? Congrats on your hard work showing signs of your ultimate payoff!
    I love that little saying of your Mom's too! LOL

  2. Your Mom sounds funny! It won't be much longer and you will be out of the size 18's too! Good job!!

    Have you taken your measurements now? It's kinda fun to watch them shrink too!

  3. I love your mom's saying! It's great to have support. Congrats on the new, littler size!

  4. Leah, that's great! You know me and my clothes. I don't like them snug so I haven't tried a smaller shirt. Just pants.

    You should do your measurments now regardless of what you have lost so far.

    Love your mom!! She's so funny.See you in 6 weeks!!