"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Gave In, But I Won't Give Up

I ate cake again tonight after dinner. *sigh* I wasn't too thrilled with myself, though not just because I ate cake, but more because I ate it (A) without knowing if I had the room in my calorie budget for it and (B) I ate it out of the cake box, standing at the counter and it left me very full and upset that I gave in to sweets when I know they are not the most helpful in a weight loss journey.

It wasn't a huge piece of cake, but size doesn't matter when it's not something that I need at the moment. Eating out of the box is usually the first sign to walk away from it and I didn't. I just gave in. Darn it.

My gut feeling is to be so vexed with myself. I knew better and I just let myself go without even stopping to think. *sigh*

I still need to read my Beck chapter for yesterday and today, but I decided to read blog updates first. I'm glad that I did. I'm serious when I say that weight loss blogging is like a continuous Weight Watchers meeting for me. I can hop on at any time and find the encourage, direction and words of wisdom I need to keep going.

Lindsay over at Prior Fat Girl was the one who brought the inspiration to me tonight. She shared a moment of vexation in her weight loss journey, but she wisely started off with this quote:

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” ~ Frank A. Clark

Amen! :o) Reading about her vexation reminded me that we are all going to have rough moments in our weight loss journey. I tried to encourage her that she's not alone in this and I was once again reminded that I will not give up. I will push for continuous effort and I know that will help me "unlock my potential" and reach my goals.

So much has already changed for the better in my life that I know I can succeed. It's simply a matter of not giving up every time I give in.

Now I'm off to read my Beck chapters and get to bed. Have a good night and if you've read my double posting today, special thanks to you! It's been a get-it-out kind of day in the weight loss world of My New Ending.



  1. Love that quote... so true!
    You can do this, you are changing.

  2. Don't stress too much - you will be faced with those types of choices for the rest of your life. Just make the better choice most of the time - and you will be fine. By the way - I don't think I've told you how much I like your picture on your sidebar!!

  3. I love that quote!! It's going on my fridge!!
    I had a small set back this weekend just when my couch 2 5k plan was showing results (had a gallbladder attack, but I tell you what, it's got me back in a strict way of eatting healthy again...maybe it's what I needed lol)
    Don't be so hard on yourself about the cake, just tell yourself if you want another piece, you must FIRST run an extra mile or 2...by then the craving might be gone.

  4. Great attitude. I think sometimes we make it worse by beating ourselves up too much about eating a piece of cake out of the box. I love the quote you shared.

    By the way, I just got your email today and responded. Sorry it took so long!

  5. That is the kind of habit energy that I am working on. The eating out of containers. That usually means I am not being mindful, but mindless.

  6. I give you such credit for accepting your setback with the belief that you can turn things around. My setbacks (food-wise) sometimes turn into such negative attacks on myself that I think of nothing but food because everything I do ... everything I AM ... is wrong. This is where I am right now and I'm trying to find my way out of this black hole. Your post makes me see that it is possible.