"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Monday, November 16, 2009

One Step At A Time

Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with my weightloss goals. I can't even imagine myself fit and thin, and if I'm not careful I can drown in the doubts and unbelief that I'll ever reach my goals.

I decided a few days ago that I'm going to continue taking it one step at a time. One day. One good decision. Eventually I know all the steps and good decisions will lead me to where I want to go.

For now, that's my thinking on this weightloss journey. Just so you know. :)


  1. I like that thinking - because that's all you can do really. You plan ahead - yes - but it's really the day to day decisions that add up in your favor.

    You know what? I just glanced at your beginning weight and current weight - that's a big difference!! Congrats!

  2. I'm just starting my fitness journey...the hard work ahead is daunting. These words have helped me, "Just for today, I can/will..." or even in smaller increments, "Just for this meal/moment..."

    Your words have helped me "One good decision" and "I know all the steps and good decisions will lead me to where I want to go."

  3. One step at a time is the smartest way to approach this. To take on the whole thing is surely overwhelming. But I would try to imagine yourself closer to your goal weight. Those images will help you see yourself in the best light.

  4. Good to know!

    Just do the next right thing to the best of your ability. Things have a way of taking care of themselves.

    You can achieve all your goals!

  5. That's been your theme all along... congrats for sticking with it!