"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Could Have Been Me Talking

I watched week 7 of The Biggest Loser today and this conversation between Jillian and Amanda hit me hard. It could easily have been me and Jillian talking. The portions in red are exactly how I feel at times and something I'm going to deal with in my life. Wow.

In case you don't watch TBL the scenario was this: Amanda was on the treadmill, they have stepped off for a break, but she then isn't ready to get back on the treadmill just yet. She's tired, stressed and says she just can't. The conversation goes like this:

Jillian: "Why are you so attached to being a failure?"

Amanda: "Because I'm so used to being the fat girl, Jillian! I'm so used to not knowing how to do this!

Jillian: "Well, why don't you change your mind today? You want to fail. You don't want to succeed."

Amanda: "That's not true."

Jillian: "Yes, it is. What are you getting out of it?"

Amanda: "I don't know...you look at me and I know you see potential and you push me so hard, but I don't think I'm ready to be pushed so hard...I know I can't do it and I don't want to fail."

Jillian: "You're wrong. You can do it."

Amanda: "No, I can't Jillian! I can't do it with the cameras on me... in my face... "

Jillian: (interrupting) "Yes, you can. You are not failing here. You quit. There's a difference between quitting and failing!"

Amanda: "The thing is, I know I can't get to a minute [doing this certain treadmill exercise], so I'm like 'Why even try? I know I can't do it.' "

Jillian: "You are wrong. You know what, Amanda, it's going to require some courage. It's going to require a little bit of bravery. It doesn't mean that you're going to be fearless..."

Amanda: (interrupting) "Stepping on this treadmill is bravery!"

Jillian: "Well, then step on the treadmill and make it count. ..... if you don't bring an intention to these actions, then they are nothing but a punishment. You make it happen. You don't wait for life to happen you make it happen."

Amanda: "I'm telling you, Jillian, I can't right now."

Jillian: "Yes, you can."

I don't really have anything else to add, except now you know another little piece of my struggle with weight. I'm going to take into consideration some of the things Jillian told her and, as always, I won't quit.


  1. You can do it -- you can overcome every fear. Keep moving forward.

  2. Oh hon, you are not alone and yes I agree with Georgia and Jillian YOU CAN DO IT. But I also know that we are the ones that have to believe that in ourselves.

    I enjoy watching you on this journey!

  3. You can do it! Don't let fear stop you from reaching your goals. Didn't you remind me recently about that with some "tough love?"

    You can do this - I have faith in you, now you just have to have faith in yourselves!

  4. Leah, it took guts to post this. I see you are saying you will not quit, but I want to be sure you know, just like the others have said, you CAN do this. Don't let anyone or anything stop you. You ARE worth it! It doesn't matter what has happened in our lives to this point. It doesn't matter where we have succeeded or failed. All that matters right now is how we handle today. We can't change a thing about yesterday, but we can sure make tomorrow fantastic.

  5. I don't agree with the BL approach. I can't stand the show. Bullying people into making the right choices is cruel. They're trying to tack external motivations on to people, and set outlandish goals for the entertainment value of it. It's inhumane, not to mention unhealthy. You can do it in your own time, and you will make increasingly better choices as they feel natural to you. You already are. Sorry if I'm the lone dissenter here, but I see you progessing as you blog and you're on the right track. Don't let some stupid TV show make you doubt yourself.