"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Friday, September 4, 2009

Now You Know

***Preface: I have to say that I'm nervous to post this, because I feel so committed by doing so, but I'm thinking that it's good for me to get it out. [deep cleansing breath]***

When I started on my weight loss journey I decided right from the start that I wasn't going to begin any specific diet plan. I was not going to join Weight Watchers or anything else. Two reasons, (A) I don't have the extra funds and (B) I know what I need to do and I didn't want the feelings of failure to set in if I wasn't following the plan correctly, etc. etc. I knew it was going to have to be baby steps towards a healthier me and I needed to get going at my own pace.

Sometime during the beginning of this journey back in May and June I began looking up some different weight loss blogs. During my search I came across the site www.fittothefinish.com and I suddenly felt a connection. This was a site not just about someone who had lost a great amount of weight, but it was also about a person who lost it 12 years ago and had managed to keep it off since then. It was also about a lady who did it by not following a certain plan, but one that she figured out on her own and it worked for her. Her name is Diane and the plan she followed to lose weight looked very similar to how I thought about what I needed to do to lose weight.

No calorie counting, no points counting, just:
1. Exercise Regularly
2. Watch portions
3. Keep fat % down

Okay, so the first two were how I was starting my weight loss journey and I just decided to kind of ignore the last point for the time being. I fought making healthier food choices with everything in me and wasn't ready to give up high-fat foods just yet. This was a good start for me though and I began to follow her blog daily. Inspiration, encouragement and direction greeted me every day from that blog and I knew I had found something that I could work with.

Finally about a month ago ( I just looked it up and it was exactly one month ago today) I admitted to Diane that I was going to give her entire plan a try, which meant cutting out out the high-fat foods. She has been a great mentor on my journey and though it's not always easy I can already see some of the difference following her plan is making in my weight loss journey.

Now, to be completely honest, I still eat some foods high in fat (like the Jambalaya I made and ate this week), but in small portions and I compensate for them during the day/week.

I said all that to say this.... if you ask what plan I follow it's Diane's plan at www.fittothefinish.com and that's why I added the button to the side of my blog. I still think Weight Watchers is great, but Diane's plan just fits with my lifestyle, my family's lifestyle and it's working for me! Now you know.

Have a great long weekend everybody! I'll be checking back in tomorrow morning with my weigh-in.


  1. Leah, I just want to say that I am honored that you have posted this. You are the reason I started my blog - to hopefully encourage and help people on their own personal journey.

    It may be they follow a different eating plan, or it may be they choose to try what worked for me. But whatever they choose, just to be successful at it forever.

    Thank you again - you are a very special person, and I just know you are going to see your journey to completion.


  2. Diane's blog is one of my very favorites. She really speaks a down to earth language, and really cares about others. Those are two great attributes.